Jeffrey Bucholtz , M.A.

Professional Profile

Jeffrey Steven Bucholtz, M.A., has been on stage as a performer for 20+ years and is an adjunct faculty member at Southwestern College and San Diego State University. He teaches Oral Communication, Public Speaking, and Small Group Facilitation. Virtually, Jeff has presented online courses on public speaking for He has also created and coordinated the Sponsored Research training team at the San Diego University Research Foundation.

For the past ten years, Jeff has worked as an activist and public speaker, providing hundreds of presentations and performances in the fields of sexual violence, masculinity, relationship violence, gender normativity, violence prevention, feminist thought, and the intersectionality of oppression. Jeff has done extensive work with the male community to engage and involve men in violence prevention, including his work as co-chair of the San Diego Men’s Leadership Forum (a sub-committee of the San Diego Domestic Violence Council).

As Director of We End Violence, Jeff utilizes his skills as a public speaker, performer, and group facilitator to motivate audiences to prevent violence before it happens. He also provides consulting services and educational materials to universities, high schools, middle schools, public health professionals, and businesses.

Jeff received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Anthropology and Communication from UC Santa Barbara in 2001. In 2006, he received his Master of Arts from San Diego State University. 

Jeff Delivers:

Powerful Presentations for Sales Professionals
Presentation Skills Essentials
Presentation Skills Intensive