As you begin planning on ways to improve your trees and yard before the autumn arrives, perhaps you’re tempted to opt for any way that provides the greater deal in terms of employing an arborist. Usually, this can mean hiring an uninsured tree service provider or just doing DIY work. But if you do this, you are just placing yourself in great danger that leads to costly repairs and restoration process. Here are the potential risks you get if you do tree trimming by yourself.

Falling trees

Predicting where the tree would fall is never an easy task provided the unpredictability and size. Because of that, the tree you cut possibly wind up dropping on possessions like your car or home, which results in costly damages. In terms of tree felling, this is performed with extremely precise cuts to make sure that the tree will safely drop. Utilizing innovative machinery enables expert arborists and tree care Glendale service providers to safely eliminate and lift trees in an organized way.

Hazardous machinery

The machinery intended for tree services can be hazardous especially if not properly used. As a matter of fact, there are about 36,000 injuries due to chainsaw accidents yearly. It does not matter if you’ve tried operating a chainsaw before, cutting into a tree can still be difficult. Usually, it’s not clear to amateurs where a tree is holding its tension. Because of that, it’s usual to experience what’s known as kickback as they cut into the wrong tree part, which causes the chainsaw to quickly return towards the person who does the cutting.


Whatever project that involves height is hazardous. In terms of tree work, you are not just dealing with extremely high locations, but you’ll also need to deal with hazardous and heavy equipment and machinery as you do so. As you do tree trimming and/or tree removal, ladders are not adequately stable all the time. Hence, such projects will most likely need bigger machinery, like a lift or crane.

Power lines

After a strong storm, downed trees will potentially lean against a powerline close to your home. If you try trimming this all by yourself, it can result in severe damages since you should never attempt touching a live powerline or anything that touches it. Keep in mind that electricity can transport through the branches surrounding the tree.

Only trust the licensed arborists

Certified arborists experienced comprehensive training in their certification process and safety is the primary part of the entire training. If you choose a tree company with licensed arborists as staff, you can guarantee that they are qualified in accordance with ANSI and OSHA and are certified by ISA. Such programs require several training years. Meaning, if an arborist has this certification, it only means that they are very qualified to do whatever tree services you may need. Apart from the promising tree care skills, they also have a high level of competence and knowledge when it comes to the science and art of tree care. So, only make sure to entrust such hazardous tree care services to the experts.